Friday, October 17, 2008

i'm lucky, you're lucky, we're all lucky

so yesterday i may have gone a little overboard... immediately after work, we played whirlyball for 2 hours. for those unfamiliar with the sport you are basically playing something similar to lacrosse while driving bumper cars, and you have to get he ball into a hole about 1 ft in diameter. yes, we were drinking as well.

i easily lost count of how many beers i had, and realized that it must mean my tolerance for alcohol must be improving(?). normally i need to cool my jets after two or three beers.

i then hooked up with some peeps at lucky horseshoe for their porn fest, which was a blast, especially since i ran into a female co-worker who recently quit and is moving to new york! i even won some porn, lube and a t-shirt in the raffle drawing! the host, porn star trevor knight, stuffed the mic down his trunks and made me read the wining number through into his crotch. i also bought some cheesy vhs tapes, the best of which is titled "roar of the tiger" and featured a guy on the cover in tiger stripes, very similar to this:

not sure if it's the same dude or not, but now i'm kinda intrigued.

closed the horseshoe and got home about 3am. been dragging all day long ever since.

from one horseshoe to the next, i'm heading to dinner and then to the horseshoe casino in indiana for the rufus wainwright concert tonight! this concert i'm definitely bringing my camera with me ;) and maybe a bit of gambling cashola as well?

Monday, October 6, 2008

5 bad brothers from beantown

yes, i went to see NKOTB (yes, new kids on the block) over the weekend with my younger sister. it was such a blast. as if being there wasn't enough to make us all feel old, but they kept emphasizing that they had been gone for 15 years. that and seeing all the 30-something year old women with crimped hair and neon accessories and home-made t-shirts was a little over the top. they were even selling baby onesies that said "step-by-step." on them. sadly we left our cameras in the car -- silly us, even though the tickets said NO CAMERAS OR RECORDING DEVICES, we were probably the only 3 poeple their without one. so sadly (or should i say luckily) i do not have any photos.

the "kids" all aged well. jordan made it a point to rip open his shirt and flash his abs on the dual jumbo-trons. joey was rocking the skinny jeans, can't quite hit his high notes anymore. even danny looked hot, and i must say he was always my least fave as far as looks go back in the day, but he's really matured into something special, and i had no idea he could break-dance like that... whew!!! the recently single donnie, hiding his thinning hair with hats, still had the ladies screaming. and jonathon -- bless his heart for coming out of the closet recently -- still is probably the weakest when it comes to the dancing, in his defense, my sister was quick to point out that according to some vh-1 special, he's always had panic/anxiety attacks for years before coming on-stage. hiding who he is and trying to deal with all that fame on top of that probably didn't help either. he's still dreamy, though i think he needs to shave off the facial hair, it's not working for me. :P

i DID manage to spend an insane amount of money on t-shirts, which i will gladly wear to work or out at night - i even showed them off to some queen at the laundry-mat the other day, and giant tacky buttons about the size of a 5" cd, which i intend to hang in my cube at work, LOL. jenny even tried to convince me to squeeze into the girl shirt that said "property of jonathan knight - nkotb"... as much as i would have loved to...ummmm, no.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

day one...

just created this account. nothing juicy to report just yet, met some fun peeps last night at jackhammer's flesh hungry dog show. good stuff. fun bands, burlesque, nice people, friendly crowd free give-aways. if you're in chgo on the 1st friday of the month, you should check it out. reminds me of the old homo-core gigs from back in the day. gosh i miss those.