Monday, October 6, 2008

5 bad brothers from beantown

yes, i went to see NKOTB (yes, new kids on the block) over the weekend with my younger sister. it was such a blast. as if being there wasn't enough to make us all feel old, but they kept emphasizing that they had been gone for 15 years. that and seeing all the 30-something year old women with crimped hair and neon accessories and home-made t-shirts was a little over the top. they were even selling baby onesies that said "step-by-step." on them. sadly we left our cameras in the car -- silly us, even though the tickets said NO CAMERAS OR RECORDING DEVICES, we were probably the only 3 poeple their without one. so sadly (or should i say luckily) i do not have any photos.

the "kids" all aged well. jordan made it a point to rip open his shirt and flash his abs on the dual jumbo-trons. joey was rocking the skinny jeans, can't quite hit his high notes anymore. even danny looked hot, and i must say he was always my least fave as far as looks go back in the day, but he's really matured into something special, and i had no idea he could break-dance like that... whew!!! the recently single donnie, hiding his thinning hair with hats, still had the ladies screaming. and jonathon -- bless his heart for coming out of the closet recently -- still is probably the weakest when it comes to the dancing, in his defense, my sister was quick to point out that according to some vh-1 special, he's always had panic/anxiety attacks for years before coming on-stage. hiding who he is and trying to deal with all that fame on top of that probably didn't help either. he's still dreamy, though i think he needs to shave off the facial hair, it's not working for me. :P

i DID manage to spend an insane amount of money on t-shirts, which i will gladly wear to work or out at night - i even showed them off to some queen at the laundry-mat the other day, and giant tacky buttons about the size of a 5" cd, which i intend to hang in my cube at work, LOL. jenny even tried to convince me to squeeze into the girl shirt that said "property of jonathan knight - nkotb"... as much as i would have loved to...ummmm, no.

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